Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Three Girls

Three girls, and a goldfish
Three girls, and a brother
Three girls, and a man came into view
Three girls, and a zit
Three girls, and a tit

Three girls in peril
Three girls jealous
Three girls running,
and saving the fellow
Three girls, in a vintage bowl

Three girls, in the bewitching know
Three girls disappearing
Three girls swimming
Three girls squeaking and squealing
Three girls spilling

Three girls unfolding, wrong side out
Three girls truncating, for the love of Nellis
Three girls brimming for the lack of dreaming
Three girls came to play on Sunday
for on Monday they will speak of it.


fábio bonillo said...

mariana, feel free to do it. demorei um bocado a responder, but hey, here it is. fiquei feliz com seu comentário. vou colocá-la aqui também na lista de links, ok?

Indeterminacy said...

I love the poem - it would sound incredible to hear you read it.