Friday, September 3, 2010

On the Street

There's this man with an hourglass figure
His sway natural, unaware of itself.

He's old and he wears old man's clothes.
Beige and brown, cinched by a belt.

He has a hat on. He brings his hand to it,
patting it down. On account of the wind,
that whistling wind -- incessant.

He walks with his hand on his hatted head.
And he sways with the rays that light him.

He travels in a straight line.
That curves on him.

He turns around. And comes to a halt.
He's got a glass eye.
Blue, his color of choice.

He stands there, like maybe he's
forgotten something.
But he doesn't walk back.
Or go anywhere.

He just stands there, still. With
his glass eye and his runaway hat.
That heeds to the wind.

It howls.

1 comment:

Banno said...

Madeleine, the old man on the street with his blue glass eye and runaway hat brought you back on the blog. I'm glad.