Tuesday, June 13, 2017

On Hold

(by anonymous)

I rang her line
and was put on hold
a month went by
and the recording told
to please stand by
we're working it out
'we appreciate
your patience
without a doubt'

weeks passed slowly
not a peep on the line
I wondered if it was worth it
taking this time
to wait by patiently
for someone who can't explain
what's going on inside her head
again and again

I decided to hang up
how could I have known
just as I was doing this
she came on the phone
she asked me kindly
if I'd mind holding
just a couple more weeks
while her world was unfolding

she's entitled to her process
I'm entitled to mine
she pushes me away
this is not the first time
her complex process
as best I could see
was working on making
much less of me
as part of her life
and part of her mind
on creating a construct
the less meaningful kind

So in this dilemma
after some thought
I hung up the phone
somewhat distraught
and as I pondered
what just occurred
I came to the notion
I couldn't be heard

I was put on hold
and then asked to listen
to a disturbing recording
an endless repetition
of confusing messages
cryptic and cold
my patience had ended
so I hung up the phone.

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